Why Use QuickFind Numbers?

Fairground by greyerbaby. Public domain. IStockPhoto.com QuickFind Numbers help you travel safer. Hunting by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

Easy, Accurate GPS Addressing for Everyone

  • Make your entire street address or location as easy to share as your phone number
  • Pinpoint any location, anywhere in the U.S. — even locations without addresses
  • Instantly identify your own location — even if you don’t know where you are

Better Than Latitude and Longitude

Every location on earth can be described by its latitude and longitude. But cumbersome identifiers like 38° 53′ 51.6336” N, 77° 2′ 11.5080” W are impossible to remember, and difficult to program into a GPS device.

Superior to Street Addresses

Street addresses can be difficult to remember and type especially if they are long, complicated, made up of non-English words, or easily misspelled. Locations such as new construction sites, undeveloped land, and wilderness, don’t have street addresses, making them impossible to precisely locate with a typical GPS device.


Easier than GPS Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is prone to error when speaking addresses that contain easily-mispronounced words, foreign phrases, or letters that sound alike. If the user has a thick accent or dialect, the voice recognition feature may not work at all.

QuickFind Numbers have none of the pitfalls of conventional addressing. See why you should use QFNs for:

Download the QuickFind Numbers app for Android or iPhone to get all of the features of Google Maps with the added convenience of entering only 8 digits to find a destination rather than having to type in the entire address!