Exactly what we worried would happen, happened on our drive back from NYC. About halfway through Pennsylvania it started to snow and within about 2 minutes, visibility was about 6 inches in front of us! We pulled over to the side of the road and considered what was going to happen next. Thankfully we had food and water and blankets to last the night, but had no way of telling our families where we were. We were afraid to walk out of the car to find the nearest mile-marker for fear that if a car came up on us, we could get hit with such low visibility, and Google Maps was just showing us a random dot in the middle of the highway. We pulled up QuickFind Numbers and were able to give our families our exact location, so if something happened to us, they could call the police and give them our exact last position! Luckily, a caravan of semis came up behind us and we got in line with them, driving the rest of the way at 10mph to the next nearest town about 30 minutes away.
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