I got a wild hair to remodel a bathroom before our friend visits us for Christmas.  BTW … that’s only 20 days away!

So I spent yesterday at the Big Box home improvement stores.  At the first stop I found part of what I needed but the matching towel bars and lights were out of stock.  I head on over to another branch of the same store and found the needed lights but still no towel bars.  When I walk out of the store … where is my car?  The parking lots are identical!  I had a few moments of confusion but found my car and went to the third store.

This time I was smarter and thought ahead.  I used the QuickFind Numbers App and went to the  ‘Park Car’ feature.  I clicked on the location of my car and walked into the store.   When I finished my shopping and headed to the door, I clicked on the ‘Find Car’ message and got walking directions directly to my car.  Seriously, by the third stop and the frustrating shopping the last thing I needed was to go looking for my car again!

QuickFind Numbers to the rescue!  You should download the app today and then remember to use the ‘Park Car’ feature!

Click here for the Android app and click here for the iOS (iPhone app).