Utility Companies

Many times repairmen are instructed to repair a transformer box or cell tower that is located down Farm Road #47 until you reach the red barn then turn east for 1/4 mile and the box / pole is on the right.  Rather than this confusing method, a QuickFind Number is so accurate and easy to communicate.

Utility companies can use QuickFind Numbers (QFNs) to create permanent addresses for company assets that don’t have a physical street address, such as cell towers, utility poles, oil rigs, and wind turbines. By assigning each asset a QFN , employees and maintenance crews can navigate to the exact location, saving company and customer time. A few examples of companies that will benefit from using QFNs:

  • Wireless Companies
  • Assign QFN’s for cell towers and repeaters.

  • Electric Companies
  • Assign QFN’s for transmission lines, utility poles, transformers, and switching stations.

  • Cable and Satellite Companies
  • Assign QFN’s for transmission lines and equipment.

  • Energy Companies
  • Assign QFN’s for well locations, storage tanks, pipelines, drilling platforms, wind turbines and solar arrays.

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