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Plan your next vacation in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to our Interactive Map.
  2. Enter a destination by typing the address or keyword, such as “Eiffel Tower”, “Golden Gate Bridge”, or “Stonehenge”, into the “address” line.
  3. Press “Go”, and the QuickFind Number will appear. Save the number as a waypoint in your phone by typing the number in the waypoints list.

And that’s it! Follow these instructions for each of the destinations on your trip, and you will have them all easily accessible when the time comes!

Trip Planner

When planning your next trip within the United Stated, rely on QuickFind Numbers apps for AndroidiPad and iPhone to add exciting new functionality to your smartphone. Before you depart, use the QFN website to identify your desired sites and their locations. For example:

  • The Empire State Building is at QFN [020] 1662-1692. Sure every cabbie in Manhattan can get you there, but what if you are walking or driving yourself?
  • Your friend tells you about their favorite Hawaiian beach but cannot recall the driving direction. If your friend gives you QuickFind Number [401] 1805-9967, you can easily navigate to the special spot.

Places to Meet

Whether you’re arranging a night out with friends, a reunion with family, or some other gathering, the QFN apps can help people coming from all over to meet up in a central location. Just share the meet-up point’s QFN with everyone in the group, and once they have installed the QuickFind Numbers apps on their smartphones, they can all get voice navigation with the QFN-enabled Google Maps.

Must-See Destinations and a Concierge

When you’re traveling in unfamiliar areas you may miss out on popular local attractions because you don’t know where to find them. With QFNs, the hotel concierge or travel and information operator can make it easy for out-of-town visitors like you to enjoy a wider variety of attractions.

Download your QuickFind Numbers app which is equipped GPS technology. You’ll get all of the features of Google Maps with the added convenience of typing in only 8 – 11 digits to find your destination, instead of laboriously entering a city, country, and street address.

Avoid common GPS headaches

GPS units are frequently used when people travel in unfamiliar areas. If you have used these devices you probably experienced numerous frustrations such as:

  • Needing to input long, complicated addresses.
  • Uncertainty if the word in the address is the street or the city.
  • The voice recognition does not understand your dialect or accent.

The solution is QuickFind Numbers. Why numbers? The simple ten numerals are the only universal language.


In the near future you will simply tap in 8 numbers instead of laboriously typing a long, complicated foreign street and city into your GPS unit. The process will be as easy as dialing a phone number. We are working to incorporate QFNs into every GPS unit.

Hailing a cab

QuickFind Numbers will soon become the fastest and easiest way to give destination addresses to cab drivers. When hiring a taxi, you’ll simply show or tell the cab driver the QFN for your desired location. Communicating with numbers means that thick accents, dialects, and other language barriers are no longer an issue. Using QuickFind Numbers allows you to easily convey the exact location without mistakes.

Another benefit is that you can monitor the chosen streets to rest assured you are being driven via the shortest route!