Taxi Services

Efficient dispatching equals more time on the meter.

Because QuickFind Numbers (QFNs) are not language dependent, they are ideal for dispatching and directing taxicabs.  QFNs eliminate language barriers between driver and passenger.  Many countries use different alphabets and address formats and have a wide variety of accents and dialects. Combined it is often difficult to understand directions, making foreign travel challenging. When QFNs are in common use, travelers will avoid these pitfalls.

Driving a cab?

QFNs makes destination input much faster and more accurate than any other method, helping speed up the drop off of each rider.  This allows you to increase the number of fares (and tips!) you can make in a day.

Managing a taxi company?

Your dispatchers have to input the city, street name, street suffix, and street number for the pickup and destination address for every fare that comes in. These addresses can often be incorrect as out-of-towners may not give an accurate location. QFNs will save a couple of minutes of input time on each order which translates to more orders per dispatcher. Equally important is the increased location accuracy can increase the number of fares per driver which will improve the bottom line revenue.


To learn more about QuickFind Numbers and how they can help improve your efficiency and profitability, contact us today.