My boyfriend and I got a last minute opportunity to drive to New York to transport some of his boss’s artwork for an art exhibition. There’s not much to do for 36 hours in the car, so I’ve been doing a lot of staring out the window at the passing landscape. If you’ve never made this drive, let me tell you, it really gives you a feel for how HUGE the U.S. is! We’ve driven through so many expanses of nothing, whether it’s the desert in New Mexico and Texas, or the grassy fields in Oklahoma, that it made me really grateful to have QuickFind Numbers! If something were to happen to our car stranding us, without QuickFind Numbers it would be impossible to describe where we were without doing a lot of walking alone along a busy highway- and even then it might not be fully precise. It takes a lot of stress out of the trip knowing that with QuickFind Numbers we can quickly and easily communicate our location in an emergency! If you’re planning a road trip, I highly recommend you get the app too!

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