Rental Agencies

Equipment Rental companies

Equipment rental companies can easily use a QuickFind Numbers (QFNs) as a temporary address to quickly identify the specific location of all their rental assets.  Contractors, workers, and delivery people will be able to easily locate the construction site even though a permanent address is not available.

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Property Management and Rentals

Many times it’s difficult for a vacationer to find a rental property they have reserved from a private individual or through a service like VRBO.  Heaven forbid the vacationer (you)  arrive after dark and try to find a little bungalow hidden away on some minor street.  With a QFNs it’s no problem.  The front door will never move … so just obtaining the QFN to the front door assures the vacation will begin on the right foot!

VRBO and all you property managers out there … we need to talk!  Contact us today!

Car and Truck Rental Companies

In the near future QFNs will enable vehicle and equipment rental agencies to become more efficient and competitive.  Equipping vehicles’ GPS systems with QFNs will make those navigation systems faster and easier to use.  This added feature will make rental vehicles more attractive to renters, and can elevate a rental company’s effectiveness when competing with other rental agencies.

Vehicle rental companies, contact us today so we can give you details on our Custom API’s.