Real Estate

QuickFind Numbers can help Realtors (and potential buyers) to navigate to undeveloped land that does not have a street address.



Easier property showings

As the saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But what if there were a better way?

The real estate industry has developed a system of gathering and effectively using property and location information within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  REALTORS can map and print the driving route for showing properties. If the Realtor® wants to utilize a GPS unit or tablet, all the addresses must be manually entered. This is where the problem begins.

Using QuickFind Numbers, Realtors® can enter a short 8 digit number which guides them to the property using a combination of QFNs and Google Maps. This saves time and increases accuracy.

Plus, the QFNs team is developing a multi-address system to make entering and mapping property locations even easier. Sign up for our e-mail notice and we will send you an announcement when the new app feature is available.

More effective marketing

Adding a QuickFind Number to each of your MLS listings can make it easier for buyers to navigate to your listing, especially if the listing is a building lot, new construction or raw land.  Plus, include the QFN in all your print ads so the potential buyer can easily find the property.

Developers and New Construction

It generally takes 2-3 years for Google and other mapping systems to find a newly constructed street, let alone a property.   That means there is no easily identified address to find a new property.  A QFN already exists for every 20 meter square in the United States which means a numeric address is ready to be used TODAY—it only needs to be communicated!

If you are—or know of—a land or community developer, learn about QFNs and how to effectively utilize them to market and sell your properties.  Contact us today for the details of implementation.

Property Management and Rentals

Many times it’s difficult for a vacationer to find a rental property they have reserved from a private individual or through a service like VRBO.  Heaven forbid the vacationer (you)  arrive after dark and try to find a little bungalow hidden away on some minor street.  With a QFN it’s no problem.  The front door will never move…so just obtaining the QFN to the front door assures the vacation will begin on the right foot!

Hey VRBO and all you property managers out there … we need to talk!  Contact us today!