QuickFind Numbers(QFNs) are so easy to use and understand.  A QFN looks like a telephone number with one extra digit.  Like a LAND LINE telephone, the number is assigned to that one address … until that homeowner moves and telephone number may move with them.  And all bets are off when it comes to a cell phone’s location other than seeing a ‘blue dot’ on your phone mapping app.  In contrast, a unique QFN has been assigned to every 20 meter square in the United States.  And soon Canada as well as Europe.  (By the end of 2015 the world will be mapped.)

I suggest that everyone go to the QuickFind Numbers interactive map, insert your office or school and home address to find your QFN.  In the event the dot is not exactly at your front door (due to Google Maps inaccuracy) then click on your front door and save that number.

The QFN for my office is [346] 7526-3394.  Here is the screen shot of my office QFN shown on the Android app.  In just minutes you can be using QFNs effectively too!

Ftn Hills office