GPS Navigation

When QuickFind Numbers (QFNs) become the standard for dashboard  and hand-held GPS manufacturers, rather than typing long addresses on the tiny screen (prone to misspelling) or using voice recognition to read the address (prone to mispronunciation or problematic if you have an accent), you’ll be able to simply enter as few as 8 digits for a local address, or 11 for a location out-of-state addresses.

QFNs were specifically designed to simplify and speed up the input of destinations into smartphones and dashboard GPS units. It is the only navigation app capable of on-road AND off-road navigation guidance.

Don’t want to wait for QFNs to make it to your Garmin or TomTom?  Start using them today by downloading the Android or iPhone app. You’ll get all of the features of Google Maps with the added convenience of using QFNs!