Navigating the Las Vegas Strip

Thank you for becoming a QuickFind Numbers app user! In addition to improved navigation and personal safety, we are confident that you will find thousands of other uses for our patented location identification software.

How to Use QuickFind Numbers in Las Vegas:

Create Meet-up locations

“Long Pin” any location on our map to create a QFN. Everyone agree to meet at that point at a set time.

Text current location

Your current QFN location will automatically drop into your text message.

Park your car

At the convention center parking lot? Tap “Park Car”.   Tap “Find Car” to find your car.

Store waypoints or addresses

Save up to 40 waypoints or addresses such as casino parking garages. Below is a list of the most popular casinos and attractions with associated QFNs. Type in one of the locations using your app for immediate turn-by-turn voice guidance.

Added Bonus!

Valet Parking:

Did you know that all of the casinos provide FREE valet parking! Neither did we. Navigate to the QuickFind Number for any of the casinos on the list below. Hand the keys to the valet. Enjoy everything the casino has to offer. Hand your parking stub to the valet and your car will be delivered directly to you. No more walking long distances to find your car in the giant parking garages.($2-3.00 is the normal tip for this service.)

Share Your Experiences!

We love to hear how people use QuickFind Numbers. Did you find your lost car? Did you find your husband or wife that got lost? Like us on Facebook and tag us in a picture of you in Las Vegas including the QFN of where you were standing for a chance to be featured on our website!


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