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Save time, money, and sanity during your next Vegas trip!

Navigating Las Vegas is EASY

with the QuickFind Numbers app.

What you get:


  • FREE parking within feet of a main casino entrance
  • Parking in 14 story casino parking garages are typically free for 3-4 hours with validation but often your car will be more than a block away from an entrance. We’ll share a little known secret of how to park for free within FEET of a main entrance.

  • Pinpoint driving directions to every casino and attraction
  • Our patented navigation system uses as few as 8 numbers to provide navigation guidance to precise locations even when no street address exists. We’ve created a list of QuickFind Numbers for nearly 100 casinos, parking garages, and local attractions. These numbers can be stored directly on our app. Tap one of these numbers to receive precise driving guidance to any of these locations.

  • Easy location sharing making meeting up with friends simple
  • Don’t get frustrated trying to find your friends on the strip! QuickFind Numbers allows you to share your exact location with others via text, tweet, Facebook message, or email with just a few taps!

The Problem:

Las Vegas is an exciting city holding more conventions per year than any other city in the nation. With that popularity, comes navigation challenges.

  • 100,000 out-of-town vehicles per day.
  • 6-8 lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic on Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Parking garages 14 stories high.
  • Casinos covering many city blocks.
  • Left turns are nearly impossible.
  • The “Strip” is nearly five (5) miles long making it difficult to walk.


Avoid This:


Many casinos have 5+ entrances!

Instead Say: “Let’s meet at QFN 1781-5346.”

Avoid This:


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