Get Your QuickFind Numbers

The QuickFind Numbers Geo-Location System is the efficient new digital way to share location data.

Type your street address or lat/long into the address bar on this map, then click on the “go” button to get the corresponding QuickFind Number (QFN). You can also get the QFN of any U.S. location by simply clicking on that location on the map. For written directions to a destination, simply click on the Get Directions button.

QuickFind Numbers: More accurate than Google Maps!!

QuickFind Numbers is an overlay to Google Maps which is arguably the best mapping system in the world; however, there are times when Google doesn’t pin the exact location of a street address.  Key in your address above.  If Google’s marker isn’t placed properly,  click on the best entrance to your property.  That may be the front entry of the property or the driveway entrance. It will display the QFN for that location.  Start using that QFN rather than your incorrect street address. Users will be given driving directions directly to the QFN … rather than the incorrect Google location.

QuickFind Numbers: Better than latitude and longitude

Every location on Earth can be described by its latitude and longitude. But cumbersome identifiers like 38° 53′ 51.6336” N, 77° 2′ 11.5080” W are impossible to remember, and difficult to program into a GPS device. With QFNs, you only need 8 digits when  mapping a destination in your local area.

QuickFind Numbers: Superior to street addresses

Street addresses aren’t always easy to input into a GPS navigation system, especially if that address is long, complicated, made up of non-English words, or easily misspelled. And what if the location doesn’t even have a street number? New construction sites, undeveloped land, wilderness or locations at sea may be impossible to precisely or easily locate with a typical dashboard GPS device.

QuickFind Numbers: Better than Voice Recognition

Voice recognition isn’t helpful if the address includes often-mispronounced words, foreign phrases, or letters that sound alike. If the user has a thick accent or dialect, the voice recognition feature may not work at all. The QFN system solves these problems while making any location in the U.S. easy to pinpoint—even remote, undeveloped land, at sea, or other locations that don’t have a street address.

Download the QuickFind Numbers app for Android or iPhone. You’ll get all of the features of Google Maps with the added convenience of entering only 8 digits to find a destination rather than having to type in the entire address!