I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition this morning and heard an interesting, rather comical story about a bus driver who was driving a group of Belgian tourists to a ski resort in the French Alps, called “La Plagne”. He accidentally picked the wrong “La Plagne” on his GPS, and instead took them all the way to Southern France- hundreds of miles off course! Surprising that no one realized the mistake considering the French Alps look nothing like that of Southern France!

Any guesses of what could have avoided this mistake? Yep- QuickFind Numbers! Every QuickFind coordinate is completely unique, so there is no way of confusing one “La Plagne” with another “La Plagne”. How many cities do you know that have a “Main Street”, or a “Washington Street”, or a “Second Street”, or an “Oak Street”? Yeah, a lot. In fact there are 10,466 “Main Streets” in the US with potentially 2,000,000 duplicate street numbers! That leaves a lot of room for confusion and error.

Stick with QuickFind Numbers and this kind of thing will never happen to you!

Check out the full story here.

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