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Main Screen

Tool Bar

Function Tab

On-Road Navigation

On and Off-Road Navigation

Find Car

Set Waypoints

NOTE: This is a beta version of the exciting QuickFind Numbers App. We need your help to make this app the best it can be. Please send us all of your suggestions of how to make it better.

QuickFind Numbers App is an overlay of Google Maps ™. Users get the added features of QuickFind along with all of the power of Google Maps™.
Main Screen


1. Tool Bar

2. QuickFind location Number, street address and forward and back arrow.

IMPORTANT: This main screen displays your current QuickFind location. Use this number to share your location with anyone for any reason…especially in an emergency!

NOTE: The QF Number has three components. 1[346]1942-6108
1= world code; [346]=Region code; 1942-6108 = exact location.
World Codes: 1= U.S.; 2= Canada; and 3= all of western Europe

3. Function Selection Tab


Google Maps

Google Maps

QuickFind Numbers

QuickFind Numbers

Google Maps only gives a small blue dot to identify locations without addresses. QuickFind Numbers displays the numeric address assigned to that location so that it can be navigated to and from, even when there are no roads. This number can also be shared in an emergency or for any other purpose.







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Tool Bar

Get DirectionsGet Directions
From: Defaults to your current location.

To: Contains the current Region Code allowing you to input just the last 8 digits.

Tapping behind the To: Region Code will produce the keyboard. Dictate or type your destination.

Double clicking on the small “x” will delete the Region Code to allow you to enter a complete street address.

Cancel: Cancels the screen and returns you to the Main Screen.

View Destination: Displays the end destination.

Get Directions: Produces the “pre-navigation” screen.
DriveSelect driving your preferred mode of transportation.


Map ViewChoose preferred map view: Map or Satellite


IMG_1134Choose pedestrian as your preferred mode of transportation.


IMG_1089Share Button: Automatically enters your Current QF location number into a Text, Email, Tweet, or Facebook status update.

IMPORTANT: Use this screen to share your location with anyone for any reason…especially in an emergency!

IMG_1089Application settings:

  • Add QuickFind Numbers for your Home and Office
  • Create your personal note to share your QF location in a text,
    email, Facebook or Twitter, etc.
  • Access User’s Manual

Center MapCenters the map on your current location.


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Function Tab

IMG_2020 IMG_2021

Press on the white tab on the left side to reveal this selection.
Press on Home or Office for driving directions to those locations.
Park Car: Enter notes where car is parked and select Yes. Icon will change to “Find Car” for when you want to return.





1. Enter a waypoint name.

  • The current QFN will default. Change the QFN if desired.
  • Waypoint will be stored under the List button for pre-established
  • Select any waypoint to return to that waypoint.

2. Long pin anywhere on the map. Tap on save icon save iconto save that location.
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On-Road Navigation

Enter Destination QFN or street address. Select Get Directions.

IMG_2020This pre-navigation window will appear showing the destination QF Number; nearest street address; distance and approximate travel time at the bottom of the screen. Use this screen to confirm your destination.




Hit Start.



Selecting Start will take you to Google Maps ™ for turn by turn navigation instructions until you reach your destination.







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On and Off-Road

IMG_2024When destinations are “off road”, the app will provide driving directions to the roadway nearest the destination (yellow marker) while also displaying the actual destination (pink marker). The on-road navigation is the same as above. Google Maps ™ will navigate to the roadway nearest the off-road destination or to the nearest street address. It will announce “You have reached your destination.”

Google Maps ™ does not provide “off-road” navigation; therefore, the user is required to switch between Google Maps ™ and QuickFind Numbers.





QuickFind_Numbers_App_Android_Manual_V1_icon_09You will need to switch back to QuickFind Numbers. Typically the best way is to use the phone’s Home Key. Re-open QFNs by tapping.







IMG_2025Re-opening QuickFind Numbers shows your current location and the destination location. A pop-up window will instruct you to click on the pedestrian mode button above to get walking directions. Hit Start.








IMG_2026The screen converts into the pedestrian mode, showing the distance from the destination flag plus an arrow pointing in the direction of travel.








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Find Car

IMG_2027Open side tab and select Find Car.

Select the mode of transportation. (Pedestrian mode is the default method. Select the auto button if you want to drive to the location.)







IMG_2030The screen will show the location of the parked car (red dot); the distance away from the car and a directional arrow showing the direction of the car. (NOTE: The directional arrow works like a compass. Hold the phone parallel to the ground for best results.) The satellite view will assist in providing the best route. Walk in the direction of the large arrow if possible.







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Set a Waypoint

IMG_2032Set a waypoint at your current location by naming the location and hitting OK. You can type or use the microphone to dictate your waypoint name. You can also enter the QFN of a remote location for a meet-up.








IMG_2034Select from the list of waypoints.









IMG_2019Select the mode of transportation. The screen will show the location of the waypoint; the distance away and a directional arrow showing the direction of the waypoint.








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NOTE: How to edit text

text editing
Tap on any editable text. A large arrow tab will appear. Move your cursor left or right to make corrections.







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March 11, 2015
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