QuickFind Numbers (QFNs) was developed with two primary goals in mind:

  • Make navigation and geo-location easier and more convenient.
  • Improve safety by making it easy to identify and share your location with others in real time.

With a traditional GPS device the user must input the state, city, street name as well as the direction (N, S, E, W) and whether it is a street, court, road, etc. Next the property number is entered.  There is lots of room for error with this formatting.  QFNs allow you to get directions within your local region by entering as few as eight digits.

QFNs divide the U.S., populated Canada, and soon the WORLD into a numbered grid. Some things to know:

  • Each square in the grid is identified by a three-digit region code and a unique eight-digit location code.
  • Anatomy-of-QFN

  • Memorize your own QFNs for home and work (just like you memorize your phone number).
  • Ask others for their QFN and use the QFN app to easily navigate to their destination.


Download the QuickFind Numbers app for Android or iPhone. You’ll get all of the features of Google Maps with the added convenience of entering only 8 digits to find a destination rather than having to type in the entire address!


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QuickFind Numbers is proud to have received the following awards:

Mobile GPS App (Developed by Harbinger Systems)
Navigation and Travel Mobile App (Developed by Harbinger Systems)