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Introducing QuickFind Numbers!

QuickFind Numbers (QFNs) has given every spot in the United Statesand soon the WORLDan identifiable address (including deserts, mountains, and even lakes). We’ve done this by overlaying the earth’s surface with a 20 meter grid and assigning a unique numeric “address” to each square. This short, simple group of 8-11 numbers can be shared with anyone, at any time, for any reason. This new, patented digital addressing system overcomes all language and dialect barriers. QFNs are changing how you and the rest of the world find your way! Read our White Paper.

Get your QFNs here using our Interactive Map!

Every day in the U.S., over 400,000 people call 9-1-1 from a cell phone. More than 30% of those callers cannot be found by 9-1-1 dispatchers.

The recent death of Shanell Anderson, an Atlanta area resident, occurred when her car ran off the road in the early morning hours while she was delivering newspapers. A call to 9-1-1 lasting 23 minutes ended with Shanell being found unconscious in her water submerged car. She died later at a local hospital.
The current 9-1-1 location identification system is failing the general public. People are dying because they cannot be easily and quickly found using 9-1-1’s current technology.
QuickFind Numbers is a technology available TODAY utilizing a simple cell phone app which is paired with this website. This enables 9-1-1 operators to increase their accuracy in finding callers and allows the first responders to save lives.
There are numerous cell phone apps that find the user quickly and deliver a blue dot designating your location. Great! But how does the user tell someone where the blue dot is located?
NUMBERS. It’s all about the numbers. QuickFind Numbers patented geo-locating system provides the very best and simplest solution to location identification.

With QuickFind Numbers you can instantly give a 9-1-1 operator your exact location so you can get help faster when every second counts.

Learn more about how QuickFind Numbers can save your life.
Google Maps only gives a small blue dot to identify locations without addresses. QuickFind Numbers displays the numeric address assigned to that location so that it can be navigated to and from, even when there are no roads. This number can also be shared in an emergency or for any other purpose.

Google Maps

Google Maps

QuickFind Numbers

QuickFind Numbers

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